Race details

The enduro.tirol tour is a new enduro race series in Tyrol. The series consists of several individual races (tour stops), which are held in various Tyrolean mountain bike areas and are open to all Enduro racers from near and far. Both licensed riders and riders without a valid ÖRV racing licence can take part.

The categories cover everything from junior classes to elite classes and masters. In each category there will be a men’s and a women’s classification, depending on the registration. All races of the series are of equal value and will be summarised in the enduro.tirol series ranking at the end of the year. Every competitor who has taken part in at least one race of the series will be included in the series ranking.

The races are held under the control of the Austrian Cycling Federation (ÖRV) and managed by the organiser, ITS GmbH.

Scoring categories

The categories for a race of the enduro.tirol Tour are as follows:

Elite (2004 – 1900)
Open (2004 – 1989)
Junior (2005 + 2006)
Masters 35+ (1988 – 1900)
eMTB (2006 – 1900)
U11 (2013+2014)
U13 (2011+2012)
U15 (2009+2010)
U17 (2007+2008)

In case that an enduro.tirol race is held at the same time as a regional or national championship, the categories according to ÖRV regulations will be used for the respective race.


Registration is possible online only and can be done via the links provided on this webpage. The following registration process will be carried out on a partner site. The participant will only be given the categories corresponding to his age to choose from for registration.


In order to compete in a licensed class (Elite), a valid ÖRV license is required. Riders who are in possession of a valid ÖRV license are not allowed to start in the Open classes. Open classes are for riders without professional ambitions and Enduro beginners. In the categories E-MTB and Youngsters riders with and without a license can compete.


No qualification is required for any race of the enduro.tirol Series. Participation is based on registration and the availability of free starting places. Participants who have already taken part in a race of the series within an event year do not automatically receive a guaranteed starting place for further races.

Series ranking

All personal race results at the enduro.tirol toustopps result in an overall ranking per event year. For a certain placement at an event there is a predefined number of points. The points are awarded according to a table in the racebook. In each category, the athlete with the most points at the end of the enduro. Tirol tour will be crowned enduro.tirol champion.


The enduro.tirol Rulebook contains all important information about the series.