On this page, we provide shortened answers to the most important questions about the enduro.tirol Tour. Comprehensive information on various aspects of the series can be found in the enduro.tirol Rulebook.


To become the enduro.tirol Champion, you must participate in at least two Tour stops of the enduro.tirol Tour. The person with the most points in their category wins the title. Points are awarded during the main race and, if held, for the Prologue. A total prize money of €4,000 is distributed among the Pro, Open, and Junior categories.
The results of the race are organized according to enduro.tirol categories. Points are awarded per category accordingly.
Yes, all race results of the enduro.tirol series within one event year contribute to an overall ranking. For a specific placement at an event, there is a predetermined number of points. In each category, the rider with the most points at the end of the series is additionally honored as the enduro.tirol Champion, and at least 2 scored enduro.tirol Tour stops must be attended. A detailed overview of the points allocation is provided in the enduro.tirol Rulebook.
Yes! Training on all race stages is mandatory. All riders must have trained on all stages at least once to participate in the main race.
During the times specified by the organizer, training and inspection of all stages are allowed and mandatory on the Saturday of the event. Riders who ride stages outside the designated training/race times will be disqualified by the race management.
The starting order is based on the Prologue results across categories. The starting order is descending, with slower starters going first and faster riders following.
Yes! Participation in the Prologue is mandatory. If a rider does not participate in the Prologue, they will be disqualified. The Prologue time determines the starting order for the main race and is counted in the overall Tour stop time. If a Tour stop includes a Prologue, participation also earns points for the series ranking.
No! If you have a Gravity Card or another valid annual pass, you do not need to book a lift ticket.
Alle Teilnehmenden benötigen entweder eine All participants need either a valid UCI license or the ÖRV Bike Card. If you do not have a valid ÖRV Bike Card for the race dates, you can purchase one when registering for your starting spot. The ÖRV Bike Card is valid from the first race weekend. Further information about the ÖRV Bike Card can be found HERE.
Except for the “Pro Elite” class, which requires a valid UCI license, all other classes can participate without a license. “Open” classes are specifically designed for riders without professional ambitions and those who are just getting into the Enduro sport.
All Juniors and Masters 35+ with a UCI license can choose whether they want to start in their Open or Pro Elite category when registering.

Elite (2004 – 1900)
Open (2004 – 1989)
Junior (2005 + 2006)
Masters 35+ (1988 – 1900)
eMTB (2006 – 1900)
U11 (2013+2014)
U13 (2011+2012)
U15 (2009+2010)
U17 (2007+2008)

No, there are no team rankings planned for the enduro.tirol Tour 2023.
Full-face helmet, knee protectors, back protectors, full-finger gloves. The following items are strongly recommended to carry: Waterproof jacket, emergency blanket, tube, multitool, basic first aid kit, trail map, food and fluids, eye protection (sunglasses or goggles), and a whistle.
On all traffic areas where the Austrian Road Traffic Act (Österr. STVO) applies, it must be strictly adhered to. All participants are obliged to provide first aid and initiate the rescue chain if necessary. Rescue forces will be positioned at the event location to arrive at the accident site in a reasonable time after being informed about an accident.
Yes, absolutely! We are always looking for volunteers who want to support us in various areas and gain insights behind the scenes of sports events. You can register at info@enduro.tirol. We look forward to having you!
For each Tour stop, a Race Journal is created with all important and helpful information about the Tour stop. This will be published about 10 days before the race weekend.
Your mountain bike must be in a technically sound condition. Depending on local conditions and external factors (weather, etc.), you can choose the model and components according to your preferences. Whether it’s a hardtail, full-suspension, or other variant, it’s a matter of personal preference and experience.
Additional provisions for eBikes:
Motors are limited to 25 km/h according to EU standard EN15 194. The bicycles must have a motor with a nominal output of no more than 250 W, which is only activated by pedaling. There are no technical restrictions on batteries. Riders are not allowed to carry a spare battery on their person or in their backpack; they must attach it to the bike. Device markings are issued for the batteries in addition to the normal bicycle identification (sticker). E-bikes are randomly checked by the commissaries for compliance with their specifications.
During a race, participants may only use one frame, one fork, and one set of wheels. All riders who have exchanged a frame, fork, or wheel during the race without the approval of the commissariat or race management will be disqualified. To mark the original components, 4 stickers per rider are issued during registration on-site. These stickers must be placed on the frame, fork, and two rims. The attached stickers will be checked randomly by the starter in each stage.
The official race stages will be announced before the training. During training on Saturday, all stages will be open for at least one ride for practice.
Registration for a race of the enduro.tirol series is binding upon payment of the entry fee. Cancellation is not possible. A transfer to another person is possible and will be charged with a processing fee of €20.00. For starters in the Youngsters category, the processing fee is €10.00.


The start is organized in blocks from the event area. The allocation and sequence will be announced online and through notices. Please arrive early in the start area for check-in! Only riders from the corresponding block (see check-in time) will enter the starting lineup. At the check-in, you will pass through the access control, where your transponder for time measurement will be activated. The starting order is based on the Prologue results across categories. The starting order is descending, with slower starters going first and faster riders following.
Die Startreihenfolge ergibt sich aus den Prolog Ergebnissen Kategorie übergreifend. Die Startreihenfolge ist absteigend, langsame Starter:innen zu erst, die schnellen im Anschluss.
The trails are marked with arrows and tape. They will be announced only during the race weekend. You can find the trail map in the event area and on enduro.tirol. If a rider leaves a trail (e.g., after a fall or a mechanical issue), they must re-enter the trail at that point. If it is not possible for safety reasons or due to local conditions, they must re-enter as close as possible to that point. This must not result in a time advantage for the rider. All riders must follow the trail’s course. Riding shortcuts leads to disqualification.
Alle Rider:innen müssen sich an den Trailverlauf halten. Das fahren von Short-Cuts führt zur Disqulifikation.
If you experience a breakdown during a stage, make sure to clear the trail for following riders! To ensure timing and scoring, each stage must be completed by the rider and the mountain bike. If a stage time is missing, the participant cannot be included in the ranking! Depending on the severity of the defect, you should decide whether a quick repair is possible or if it’s better to push or carry your mountain bike until the end of the stage. In any case, be careful not to obstruct other participants! If you leave the trail, you must re-enter at that point (as mentioned above). If you need to retire from the race along the way, please inform an official helper immediately and don’t forget to return your transponder!
Timing is done through an active transponder, which is issued with the start number during check-in. The transponder is attached to the wrist with a band. Without the transponder, there is no timing and, therefore, no participation possible! The transponder must be activated before the start and read out after the finish. This takes place at the start/finish area.
There is at least one refreshment station on the trail. It provides water, fruits, and an isotonic drink. In addition, food and drinks are sold at bike-friendly prices in the start/finish area and at spectator-friendly “hot spots.” The organizers appreciate it if the offerings are utilized.
If you need to end a race early for health or other reasons, please inform a helper immediately along the trail! If you are feeling well, you can return independently to the event area and unregister with the official helpers there. If you have health concerns, please do not hesitate to seek medical help! Please remember to return your transponder!
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